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Weaving Art and Ideas into Understanding and Connection

At the Center for Humans and Nature, we often use writing and language to explore our relationships and responsibilities to nature. However, we know that art is a meaningful pathway to discovering the multiple ways of understanding and connecting with the world around us. We believe art and artists help us to see the possibilities of our humanity through creative expression. 

With that, we created this online gallery space to cultivate an artistic, inspirational place for exploring and discovering new meanings. We invite you to wander through these works on view and to learn more about the artists who are reimagining the connections between humans and nature. 

Making Kin Exhibition

Making Kin is an online art exhibition exploring the visual dimensions of kinship in a more-than-human world. With work from 24 artists from around the world, Making Kin is in conversation with the themes—Planet, Place, Partners, Persons, Practice—that are central to the Center for Humans and Nature’s five-volume book series, Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations. The participating artists illuminate the deep connections between humans and nature while inviting us to consider how kinship practices and ethics can expand our sense of identity, as well as deepen our care and respect for other-than-human kin.

Making Kin is part of the Center for Humans and Nature’s Kinship Project, which includes a five-volume book series, podcast, and ongoing events.

Kinship and Beyond

We gather thoughtful and inspiring ideas across perspectives about our kinship, belonging, and responsibilities with nature. Learn more about the Kinship Book Series, podcast, events, and other Center for Humans and Nature publications.

About Center for Humans and Nature​

Exploring our relationships and responsibilities with nature.

The Center for Humans and Natures is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that publishes stories that spark curiosity, build community, and inspire action. We provide programs and experiences to explore, connect, and nurture our understanding and responsibilities to the natural world.

Our work promotes thoughtful and diverse ideas across perspectives about what it means to be human in an interconnected world.

Our Center in Libertyville, IL, is a place to experience and engage in interdisciplinary ideas about arts, humanity, and nature. We practice inclusive and respectful civil discourse to understand the critical and urgent issues of our time.