Terry Evans

Chicago, IL, USA

. . . delving into the intricate and complex relationships between land and people . . .

For decades, Terry Evans has photographically documented the landscapes of the Midwest and all the complexities of place, people, creatures, and change that they express. Whether capturing moments of environmental protest or the rural sublime, Evans’s keen eye finds scenes that encapsulate a feeling, a mood, and a sense of a given place at a given time. This is a selection of photographs from her series Our Place, which provides an intimate glimpse into her family’s home in Kansas that she visits throughout the year. Through these partial views, the viewer can build their own picture of the location, but also imagine what falls out of the frame. Through the images, Evans communicates how a sense of “place” is not only a matter of physical locale, but an emotional evocation. — AY

Making Kin Categories

Our Place, Full moon
2017, photography
Our Place, Looking East
2018, photography
Our Place, Blue Racer in the Kitchen
2018, photography
Our Place, By the Little Pond
2012, photography
Our Place, From the Hallway
2016, photography
Our Place, Zephyr
1995, photography
Our Place, Branches and Night
2017, photography
Artist Reflection —

All of this work was made around our old farmhouse, a place we love, out by Salina, Kansas.

About Terry Evans

Terry Evans photographs the prairies and plains of North America. Combining both aerial and ground photography, she delves into the intricate and complex relationships between land and people, especially where local people’s landscape is threatened by corporate industrialization. She has recently been photographing a particular Bur Oak tree on the Wooded Island in Jackson Park and protected prairies in the Midwest. Her work is in many museum collections and her books include Revealing Chicago, An Aerial Portrait and Heartland: The Photographs of Terry Evans. She is a Guggenheim Fellow.


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